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Turning Point’s annual event, AmericaFest, will be held December 16-19, 2023, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Those who attend this one-of-a-kind, four-day event will hear from dozens of the nation’s top leaders, network with thousands of like-minded attendees and 50+ partnering organizations, and experience two nights of concerts featuring top artists in the country- all while celebrating the greatest country in the world, America. Following a Turning Point event, these attendees return to their campuses and communities more energized than ever.

This can’t-miss experience is an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership skills, enhance your activism techniques, receive training, and connect with resources and opportunities offered by Turning
Point and its partner organizations.

Attendee Information

Turning Point is excited to welcome thousands of attendees of all ages to AmericaFest. Turning Point-provided lodging is only available for student attendees between ages 16 and 26. For more information on this matter and for more information on our events, please visit the Turning Point Events FAQs page.

Attendees over the age of 26 can purchase registrations here.

Location: Phoenix Convention Center.

Dates: 5 PM Saturday, December 16th to 12 PM Tuesday, December 19th. The agenda can be found here.

Turning Point Lodging: Those who are eligible (student attendees ages 16-26) and select this option will be placed at a hotel within two blocks of the convention center.

Questions?: Email [email protected]

Registration & Fees

All Turning Point events are invite-only. Turning Point involvement is not required. If you’ve always wanted to be part of Turning Point, this is a great place to start! Upon completing your registration below, approved* applicants will receive an email within seven business days containing a detailed informational packet about the event.
*Those who are waitlisted will receive an email within 14 business days and a full refund of their fees paid.

All General Admission registration is non-refundable and includes admission to all general sessions and breakout sessions at the conference. The free concert registration add-on will be available at check-out. Attendees between the ages of 16 and 26 may also pay an additional $50 fee below to stay in Turning Point-provided lodging. If you cancel your confirmation after the deadline (December 1st, 2023) or fail to attend the conference, you are responsible for paying the cancellation fee ($200). 

Attendees wishing to cancel their attendance can do so at VIP tickets are refundable until  November 16th, 2023. Any attendee who cancels after November 16th, 2023, is not eligible for a refund. Students canceling on/after December 1st, 2023, must pay a fine of $200 (cost of the hotel room and other conference fees).



Attendees are responsible for covering the cost of travel to/from Phoenix, AZ, and all meals during the conference. Students needing financial assistance may apply for a travel stipend at   


  • Why attend AmericaFest?
    • AmericaFest is a one-of-a-kind event! AmericaFest is an immersive experience that is sure to blow our fans away! All registrations include access to the 4-day event. 
  • What is the dress code?
    • We invite guests to join us at AmericaFest while respecting our business casual/neat casual dress code. We encourage you to wear your most patriotic clothes and accessories! Bring out the red, white, and blue! 
  • I have a roommate request! Is the request guaranteed?
    • Please remember that when selecting Turning Point-provided lodging for students (16-26), you will be sharing a room with up to 3 other attendees of the same gender and similar age. Student roommate requests are accepted until November 24th and are not guaranteed. Following this date, you will be placed with random roommates of the same gender and similar age.
  • I applied for a travel stipend. When will I hear back?
    • Stipend requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your request to be processed. Please keep in mind travel stipends are never guaranteed. For more information, please visit
  • What does your security look like?
    • Turning Point takes safety and security very seriously. To protect attendees, Turning Point hires private security to maintain safety and decorum. Please practice common sense safety measures (i.e., never travel alone and always be in groups). In addition, if protestors do attend the event, please keep your distance, as your safety is important to us. If students are found counter-protesting, their admission badges will be revoked.

For more information, visit