Austin Erickson

Austin Erickson is the Enterprise Director for the Faith department at Turning Point USA. He grew up in a Christian family in Portland, Oregon. He was homeschooled throughout his early education, with parents who believed it was their responsibility to educate their children and not the state. Austin later graduated from Liberty University with his degree in Business – Project Management. After graduation, he moved to the Bay Area in California to work as a Turning Point USA Representative. There, he worked tirelessly organizing and educating students to stand up for their conservative beliefs at some of the most liberal universities in the county. In his free time, Austin loves training with firearms, reading political philosophy books, and spending time with his wife. His political hero is Dr. Ron Paul, because of his consistency and lifelong dedication to protecting liberty. Austin helped launch TPUSA Faith and is now the Enterprise Director for the program. He is passionate to see the faith community become empowered to have their voices heard in the public square and preserve the God-given freedom we have in this country.