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Alex Clark

Alex Clark is the host of POPlitics and The Spillover, as well as a Turning Point USA Contributor. POPlitics is the first ever conservative pop culture daily show, covering entertainment news and “pop culture without the propaganda.” Alex’s impact on young, conservative women through POPlitics led her to create the “Cuteservative movement.” Her unapologetic approach to culture is defined daily by her wit, right-of-center lens, and a little dose of cinnamon roll culture. IYKYK.

Then, there’s The Spillover: the big sister to POPlitics. The Spillover is a daring deep dive into the stories that Alex is compelled by beyond the Hollywood news cycle. Every week, she leaves her audience on the edge of its seat with stories that haunt, challenge, humor and captivate. With over one million downloads to date, The Spillover continues to reach an audience beyond the conservative movement.

Whether she’s giving her take on POPlitics, The Spillover, Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, or even on her personal Instagram page – Alex’s unique approach to conservative ideas challenges the status quo of politics and pop culture.