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Cameron Powell
Cameron Powell
Cameron Powell

Advisory Council Member

Cameron is founding partner at Eldon Pass.

Eldon Pass is a family of mature operating companies and new ventures that aspire to do good in the world. We use relationships to mobilize human and financial capital to invest in, build up and operate businesses. Eldon Pass is focused in the lower middle market space, real estate and venture stage deals.

As a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor, Cameron has co-founded & invested in several tech enabled companies in multiple vertical markets such as healthcare, oil & gas, social media, video streaming, AI, big data, video / photo editing and manufacturing; the most recent transaction occurring with GoPro acquiring Splice, a company Cameron co-founded.

Cameron’s professional career started 15 years ago as an OB/Gyn physician and quickly pivoted towards the startup world with the co-founding and subsequent development of his first company, AirStrip – founded in his church parking lot and backed by several firms including being led by Sequoia Capital. Cameron has a BA from Brown University and an MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch.