Culture War Tour
Culture War - Fall 2019 Tour

Tour Stops:

  • October 7

    University of Nevada

    Reno, NV
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  • October 21

    Grand Canyon University

    Phoenix, AZ
    Special Guest: Donald Trump Jr.
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  • October 22

    Colorado State University

    Fort Collins, CO
    Special Guest: Donald Trump Jr.
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  • October 23

    University of Iowa

    Iowa City, IA
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  • October 24

    University of New Hampshire

    Durham, NH
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  • October 29

    Ohio State University

    Columbus, OH
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  • November 12

    University of Florida

    Gainesville, FL
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  • November 13

    North Carolina State University

    Raleigh, NC
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Media & Press:

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“I’m convinced that the work by Turning Point USA and Charlie Kirk will win back the future of America.”

- Donald J. Trump Jr.