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Entrepreneurial Culture
Entrepreneurial Culture

At Turning PointUSA we believe it is important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, brand, and business strategies. All team members are expected to live out these key principles:

Grassroots Humility

Every day, we approach our work with humility, integrity, and grace. We recognize that everyone on the TPUSA team is integral to our mission and we strive to always improve our messages, operations, systems, techniques, and strategies. Team members understand that every moment is a learning opportunity and the entire team is important as we work to improve, grow, and learn together.

Warrior Spirit

We work relentlessly and do more with less. We believe that great isn’t good enough, and we never give up or give in. We remain focused on our mission and bring an eternally positive, optimistic, and gracious attitude to work. Team members set an example in our communities by being cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic for the organization’s cause.

Persistent Innovation

We work tirelessly to try new things, improve, and develop without fear of failure and succeed through disciplined goal setting.