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Freedom Papers
Freedom Papers

Freedom Papers

The Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers are often forgotten--especially in the classrooms--despite the role they play in the founding of our nation. Join TPUSA and members of the Freedom Caucus as they break down these pivotal documents every single week.

180 Episodes

Concerning the Militia - [Freedom Papers Ep. 35]

Restraining the Legislative Authority Continued - [Freedom Papers Ep. 34]

Bureaucratic Power with Micah Bock - [Freedom Papers Ep. 33]

America’s Deterioration and the Administrative State - [Freedom Papers Ep. 32]

Prioritizing the Family Unit with Professor Scott Yenor - [Freedom Papers Ep. 31]

A House Divided with Pastor Leon Benjamin - [Freedom Papers Ep. 30]

Restraining the Legislative Authority - [Freedom Papers Ep. 29]

Powers Necessary to the Common Defense Continued - [Freedom Papers Ep. 28]

Powers Necessary to the Common Defense - [Freedom Papers Ep. 27]

National Identity & Love For Your Nation SAVES YOUR NATION

Preservation of the Union with an Energetic Government - [Freedom Papers Ep. 26]

Other Defects of the Present Confederation Continued - [Freedom Papers Ep. 25]

Other Defects of the Present Confederation - [Freedom Papers Ep. 24]

Exploring Vulnerabilities of The United Netherlands - [Freedom Papers Ep. 23]

Exploring Vulnerabilities of The Germanic Body - [Freedom Papers Ep. 22]

Exploring Vulnerabilities of Ancient Greece - [Freedom Papers Ep. 21]

Incentives for Expanding the Federal Government - [Freedom Papers Ep. 20]

The Constitution & Preserving the Union - [Freedom Papers Ep. 19]

Articles of Confederation & Preserving the Union - [Freedom Papers Ep. 18]

Faith, Family, and Freedom with Madison Cawthorn - [Freedom Papers Ep. 17]

Objections to the Constitution Answered - [Freedom Papers Ep. 16]

Economic Benefits of the Union - [Freedom Papers Ep. 15]

The Utility of the Union In Respect to Revenue - [Freedom Papers Ep. 14]

American Strength on the World Stage - [Freedom Papers Ep. 13]

The Union: A Safeguard Against Insurrection - [Freedom Papers Ep. 12]

Preventing Domestic Tyranny - [Freedom Papers Ep. 11]

Disunited States & National Security - Morgan Zegers [Freedom Papers Ep. 10]

Dissensions Between the States - [Freedom Papers Ep. 9]

Dangers From Foreign Forces and Influence - [Freedom Papers Ep. 8]

Unjust Causes of War - [Freedom Papers Ep. 7]

Concerning the Militia - [Freedom Papers Ep. 6]

The Real Character of the Executive - [Freedom Papers Ep. 5]

A Matter of National Security - [Freedom Papers Ep. 4]

The Reason for the Union - [Freedom Papers Ep. 3]

Federalist 10: Role of Central Governments - [Freedom Papers Ep. 2]

Purpose of the Papers - [Freedom Papers Ep. 1]

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