Freedom Seeds

Freedom Seeds

In just one minute, Monday through Friday, student activists will be given facts and truth-not lies and narratives. Freedom Seeds is giving our students ammo to win America's culture war on campus, online, and beyond.

180 Episodes

Crime Rates Are Out Of Control

What do Americans *really* Think about China?

Lockdowns Harmed Generation Z

The Bill of Rights: The 2nd Amendment!

Welfare TRAPS People in Poverty!

The Second Amendment Is Making a Comeback!

The Bill of Rights: The 1st Amendment!

Why We Have the Bill of Rights!

Re-Education Camps=Concentration Camps

Grad School Debt SUCKS

Why do we still sing the Star Spangled Banner?

The 2nd Trimester is Full of Life!

9/11 Changed America Forever

Kids’ Masks are a Health Risk

International Day of Literacy

Conservatives Conserve 🌎

Antifa Promotes Fascism

National Wildlife Day

Two-Parent Families Matter!

Socialism Kills Economies!

America is Philanthropic!

Men and women ARE different!

The Filibuster Keeps The Conversation Going

Women’s Rights vs Men’s Rights

Cancel Student Loans=Cancel the Future

The Left and K-12 “Education”

Zero Emissions Doesn't = Zero Problems!

Wildfires and Bad Budgets!

Harriet Tubman: An Original Civil Rights Heroine

America Has a Bank, Too!

Trade School Enrollment is Rising!

Women are on the rise in Hollywood!

Scientists Shape Policy!

Standardized Tests are NOT racist.

Monetary Policy Shapes a Country

Wait For It...

Religious Exemptions ARE Constitutional

Changing the “Racist” Bar Exam

Offensive Speech is Free Speech

Legal Precedent Keeps Judges in Line

Teachers Unions are Funding the Left

Rising rates of youth suicide

Marriage in America

How COVID Ruined Your Office

Do Americans Trust the Government?

Big Government Hates the Environment

What happens during the first trimester?

Planned Parenthood and Abortion

Liberal vs. Leftist

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