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Julie Fields
Julie Fields
Julie Fields

Ms. Fields, who resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband Art, was born and raised in Dayton,
Ohio. Julie graduated from Wayne High School and earned a Bachelor’s in Business
Administration from Queens University in Charlotte. Prior to her retirement, Julie enjoyed a
thirty-year career in real estate management and development.


Julie is a self-proclaimed mover— a former marathon runner who now enjoys hiking/rucking,
yoga and weight training. When in motion, Mrs. Fields listens to her go-to podcasts with a keen
ear towards content and communication patterns.


Communication, both verbal and written, is an area of study for Julie. She has a compilation of
personal essays, a few of them published, that she may someday add to and float out in book
form. It equally possible that she just tucks them away with the hope that a future family
member comes across her musings and finds that their ancestor, one Julie Ryan Fields—a wife,
mother, grandmother and freedom fighter—was infinitely more interesting than anyone ever


Mr. and Mrs. Fields have a mix of fine charitable organizations they support, but front and
center is TPUSA. With the focus on youth, TPUSA’s mission resonates with Julie and Art as they
strive to maintain partnerships to preserve the values and the principles that our great nation
was founded upon.