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Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell is the Inventor and CEO of MyPillow Inc. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Mike has owned and operated numerous businesses over the years. When he saw a need, he had a knack for coming up with a business idea to meet it. Mike received a dream to create MyPillow in 2004 and knew it was God-inspired. The path to the pillow’s success was not totally smooth sailing, however. Many would be surprised to know that for 30 years of his life, Mike was an addict, including crack cocaine. Although he was a functioning addict he knew God had a plan for him. Mike was freed of all his addictions on January 16th, 2009 and recently celebrated ten years of freedom. He prayed and asked God to take away his desire for the drugs. When he woke up the next morning, he knew something was different. His desire was totally gone.


Since he gave his life to Jesus, there have been so many miracles in Mike’s personal and professional life, one-in-a-billion events. MyPillow has grown exponentially, and although Mike has profound gratitude for what God has enabled him to do through the business, he sees it mainly as a platform to a higher calling. His greatest desire is to bring hope to the addict who is still in the chains of their addiction.


Mike beat a 30-year drug addiction through the power of prayer, and firmly believes that with God, all things are possible. He wants to spread that hope to people though with the Lindell Recovery Network. The Lindell Recovery Network will connect people struggling with addictions to stories of hope – people who have overcome their addictions – as well as to faith-based treatment centers and quality mentors who have found their way out of addiction.


Mike is passionate about ending addiction in the USA. The man who thought he needed to be high (Lindell) to be able to talk to people, has now become a sought-after speaker. Last year alone, he shared his personal testimony with tens of thousands of people around the USA. Additionally, Mike continues to champion efforts to end the opioid crisis in America and to bring greater visibility to Christian causes. In October, he was invited by President Trump to the White House to take part in the signing of the 800-page opioid bill. This past November, he donated one million dollars to help fund the new “Unplanned” movie, which tells the story of former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson.


Mike also has a cameo in the movie. Mike also has a heart for budding business people. He was featured recently on Fox Business: The Evening Edit, offering practical tips to help entrepreneurs get started. MyStore is a new platform of Lindell’s; a soon-to-be launched marketplace for vetted entrepreneurs and inventions. The Lindell Foundation continues to help fund disaster relief efforts, veterans’ causes, homelessness, and addiction and recovery support. The Foundation restores faith in giving, because 100 percent of dollars donated go directly to the vetted needs with no overhead costs.