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Press Release
Press Release

Turning Point USA + BLEXIT Join Forces

The Urban Outreach Juggernaut Founded by Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum Will Now be ‘Powered by TPUSA’

PHOENIX, March 13, 2023 – Turning Point USA and the BLEXIT Foundation are joining forces in the fight for freedom as the urban outreach juggernaut founded by Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum in 2018 will now be powered by TPUSA.

Beginning immediately, Turning Point USA will incorporate the corporate structure, leadership team, branding, social media, and the underlying mission of BLEXIT, helping grow the movement into the future. Both Owens and Tatum will remain actively involved in managing the vision and direction of BLEXIT including speaking at related events and initiatives of the organization, and steering its messaging and strategy.

Charlie and I have known each other for a long time. And we’ve been discussing our shared goals and visions for this country—to empower people—to embrace freedom and value faith and family. We both realize that we are stronger together. says BLEXIT Co-Founder Candace Owens. “By joining together, we believe this will be a force multiplier for both BLEXIT and for TPUSA.”

Candace and Brandon are two of the most influential conservative Americans in the country, full stop, and TPUSA is thrilled and honored to be part of their vision for transforming and empowering urban communities,“ says Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of TPUSA. “TPUSA was the incubator for some of the ideas that gave birth to the BLEXIT vision, and we’ve celebrated from afar what Candace and Brandon have achieved. Now we get to lend some of the resources, staff, and infrastructure that we’ve built at TPUSA to build on that foundation.” 

“I look forward to the new direction and partnership between BLEXIT and TPUSA, and I am excited about the possibility of new opportunities this could bring to the black community in America. Since the beginning, BLEXIT has been about reaching more people who need to see themselves as victors, not victims, empowered, not oppressed,” adds Brandon Tatum, co-Founder of BLEXIT. “If just a small fraction of the black community in America catch the vision, we can change the entire country,”

BLEXIT is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that focuses on shifting culture through electric live events, thoughtful grassroots organizing, and inspiring educational initiatives. BLEXIT stands for the “Black Exit” from the victimhood mentality. 

BLEXIT has founded 44 State Chapters across the country, has over 14,000 volunteer members, and more than 60,000 supporters. BLEXIT also hosts 4 annual events that serve as gathering points for leaders who want to restore and renew traditional values within black and urban communities. 

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